Party anyone?

RBR Consulting Inc. @ 2012

Became a member of The Lancaster Shag Club in 1990.

In 1991 I began helping out the club DJ at what was then weekly club meetings.  In 1992 I was encouraged to begin playing more often and began getting calls from local Shag Clubs to play their monthly parties.  I also played for clubs that were unable to afford a DJ so I would play a party for that club to help them get things started.  I have played a number of local clubs and grills in an effort to get the Shag started which worked very well and was able to get new members into the club.  I also begin helping with the Shag Lessons each week and taught lessons for a number of years.

In 1993, I became a Board member and in 1994 I was elected as Vice President of the Lancaster Shag Club.  In 1995, I was elected as President and served a one-year term and then a one-year term as Past President.

In 1998 I was ask to be on the DJ staff at The Ocean Drive Resort were I played in the Beach Music Café and Spanish Galleon during SOS events.  I was also retained to play wedding receptions at the Resort during the year.  

In 2001, I was ask to be a part of the annual Battle of Beach DJ’s at Boppers Bar and Boogie sponsored by The Boppers Shag Club in Charlotte NC.  I was awarded First Place.

In 2003, I became a staff DJ at Fat Harold’s Beach Club where I play during all SOS events and some times during non SOS events on weekends.

In 2005, I was awarded the Shagging Icon Award from ACSC and SOS.

In 2008 I was selected to serve the remaining term of one of Lancaster Shag Club’s Board Members.  I was then elected to serve a two-year term as President for 2009 and 2010.  I will now be the past president for the next two years.

In August of 2009, I was ask to be a part of the First Annual Battle of DJ’s sponsored by The Society of Tar Heel Shaggers at their Beach Music Weekend.  I was awarded First Place.

I was awarded the Richard Nixon Memorial Service Award in March of 2009 at DJ Throw down held at Ducks and Ducks Two.  The Richard Nixon Memorial Service Award is presented annually to the deejay or deejays that have performed outstanding service other than deejay service for any group or entity encompassing the shag dance community or the shag and beach music community at large.  The award is intended to honor the memory of one of our first shag deejays who resided at North Myrtle Beach for many years and who was tireless in his efforts and service to various charities and organizations in the Carolina's.

In 2011, I was honored by the Monroe Shag Club by being selected as the Very First Recipient of the Keith Baucom Beach Music DJ of the Year Award.

I have volunteered and donated DJ and MC services for many charities. I feel very fortunate to be able to donate something that I am able to do.  I have volunteered for “Relay for Life” many years.  I volunteer for charities held by our Shag Club.  I have donated DJ and MC time for ten (10) years for “Shagging for Dollars” charity at the Monroe Shag Club; I Co-Chaired Lancaster Shag Clubs Charity Event for “Camp Kemo” fundraiser’s which is one of my favorite charities.  I have donated DJ’ing time for the “Cancer Society”.  Have played for the “Harvest Hope of South Carolina” in Columbia, SC to raise money to help provide food for the families in South Carolina.   

I especially enjoy DJ’ing and planning events at the Nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Lancaster area for seniors who are not able to attend functions outside of their facility.  I feel Music just puts a smile on their faces and brings back some very good memories of days gone by.

I have organized several and also been involved in special fundraisers when someone has been in need due to medical expenses or personal loss and needed help.

I am a Lifetime Member of Association of Beach and Shag Club DJs and a member of The National Association of Rhythm & Blues DJ’s.

I never pass up the chance to promote the music and dance we all love so.

I feel life is a gift and we should enjoy it each and everyday.